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Thursday, 27 January 2011

day off

Today was my day off work but what to do ......!
im not aure why but all week when im at work i dream of what i could be doing if i wasnt at work then on my day off i cant think of anythink todo ... :  - )

i got up 1st thing this morning and and started by painting my dresser on the wall back to cream
then as i had to wait for the paint to dry i took a walk up to some shop by my house
I found two cute vintage plates in a junk shop for £1.00 for both so then i poped into the shop got a few bits and headed home
i must of been having a bit of a pink day as i got pink flowers, pink mini meringue and pink plates
all that is left to do now is put all the bits and bobs back on the dresser


  1. Hi, look at items on the shelves, I have a feeling every items have its own story!!!

  2. Looks wonderful, it could have come right out of one of those magazines.
    Beautiful tea cosy!!. xx

  3. aww thankyou both for your lovely messages
    i love the tea cosy they are from a lady on folksy called buzybee


  4. The dresser looks lovely, thank you for the blog follow x

  5. Gorgeous!!
    Definitely looks like a magazine.
    Ali x

  6. Oh that really does love so lovely have just found you will enjoy following you .Lesley

  7. Love your painted dresser and all your jugs of different sizes lined up on the top row! The tulips also give a nice splash of spring colour! jenny xxx

  8. Fab!

    Nice to find you here - stalked you from link on Folksy Shop .

    Kisses X