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Mama and the milkman hq
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Thursday, 24 February 2011


Juat a little postt oday as im trying to get an order made for a shop i dont have much time to do anythink ...
: - )
i had to pop to town today to pick up a few bits on my way home i walked past a junk shop and wasnt going togo in but im so glad i did as i found the two jugs inthe photo : - ) both for £1.30 woohoooo
hope you had a fab day xxxx

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

all day

today iv been making cards all day wow where did the time go i started at 10 am and stopped at 6 ... : - )
here is a few of them this morning 

+ a spring time wreath

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

my order came

 i had an order made and havnt blog on  it yet but i was sorthing out the baby draw 
and would just like to show you all my lovely bits i got : - )

i love them all so much i just cant wait for the baby to come now so i can blog with her in the lovely knitted bits : - )
all of this lovely hand knitted baby bits where made by pat at 
here is her shop where you can buy all sort of lovely knits
fab tea cosie too ...xx

Monday, 21 February 2011

Trying to rest

This week i have the whole week of work to try and rest ... im finding it a little hard at work now (if you dont know im 30week pregnant )so they told me to take aweek off , but what to do ,when im off i can not ever think of things to do so this morning i started by having some yummy french oj and jam and toast oooohh and tea : - )
 next wake the sleepy kittens up .....
ok now i think i will list the rest of the button iv have for sell on my folksy shop
yes a whole draw of packs of lovely buttons ..oooo i love to just open it and look at them..hehe
i think it may be time for some lunch see you tomorrow xxx